Book 13: Pistache by Sebastian Faulks… And the 5 books of the zombie apocalypse (two unrelated things!)

There are two parts to today’s post. First, a short review of a short book called Pistache by Sebastian Faulks. Secondly, just for fun, I’m joining in with Penguin’s Readarama and naming my 5 books to read in the zombie apocalypse.


I pretty much read Pistache by accident. Apparently the title means a friendly spoof or parody of another’s work. I was given it a few years ago for my birthday. It was inspired by The Write Stuff of Radio 4. I have never listened to said show. Therefore, I did not read the book until now. I started reading it last week as a time filler when I’d already finished The Postman Always Rings Twice, and I finished it early this week. It is very short, and definately a book to dip in and out of at leisure. I enjoyed it, but I have a confession to make… I really have read very little literature/ classics. This was the reason I didn’t enjoy Pistache as much as I could have done. The key problem for me was, quite often I hadnt read the author Faulks was spoofing, so I didn’t get the jokes! I’m quite embarrassed to admit that, especially as the parodys I did manage to follow were mildly amusing. I didn’t laugh out loud, but they certainly entertained me. If you have read lots of classics and famous authors you will possibly love Pistache!

I would rate Pistache 6/10 (through no fault of its own).


Now, to the topic of zombies! I love zombie films and have watched many. I’ve even read a few books about them. Thanks to Readarama I also really want to read The Enemy by Charlie Higson. So today when they announced their top 5 books to read in the zombie apocalypse (if it should hit the world), I wanted to make my own list. Here it is:


1. The Passage – Justin Cronin.

This is my top favourite post apocalyptic book I have ever read. It is amazing. Such a long book that by the end you are living every moment and when it comes to an end you can’t believe the world is still going on around you. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. If the zombies come I will look to this for tips and to reassure me.

2. Warm Bodies – Isaac Marion

Another zombie book. I would read this to reassure me that the zombies might change and become friendlier in time. A lovely book, even though it’s about zombies. I haven’t seen the recent film yet, but the book is a great read.

3. The Hunger Games Trilogy – Suzanne Collins

Yes, I’m cheating by having all three. I read these recently and couldn’t get enough. I would happily read them again and again so they would be a must for entertainment during a zombie apocalypse.

4. High Fidelity – Nick Hornby

One of my favourite ever books, this would cheer me up no end and I could send some time making to five lists like the main character Rob. If you’ve never read this, read it now! No, I’m not going to tell you any of the plot, just that you must read this book!

5. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – JK Rowling

To take my mind off the zombies I would need a bit of magic. This is my favourite of the seven Harry Potter novels, and I knew I couldn’t get away with listing all seven. I love the timer turner idea and I would happily read this again and again.

Having reached the end of the list, I realise I probably should have listed some huge classics of literature so I could improve my mind, by frankly if zombies are everywhere I’m going to reread my favourites instead! For comfort.

I’m still reading Our Tragic Kingdom by Scarlett Thomas this week, but I’ve been very busy and have barely started. I will tell you more when I get to the end!


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