30 day book challenge: Day 2!

My five least favourite books of all time.

This one is hard! I don’t tend to read many books I really dislike. If they don’t appeal I don’t read them. I can imagine I would not like a lot of books I don’t ever intend to read, but those I have read I usually find at least something I enjoy about them. However, once I’ve started a book I do tend to plough through to the end even if it is hard work, so I have found a few candidates.

In no particular order today:

1. Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Tom Bromley

Having wracked my brains, I remembered two awful ‘chick-lit’ type books that I read at university. I read lots of terrible, trashy books back then and even enjoyed some, but this one stood out in my mind. So bad that as soon as I finished reading, I donated it back to the charity shop where I had found it! Which leads nicely on to:

2. Watermelon – Marion Keyes

This one was from a charity shop at university too. It was a very large book and I remember finishing reading it in my tent at a festival. I have no idea why I read it cover to cover, and I’ve never read Marion Keyes since. I left it on a train on the way home for someone else to “enjoy”.

3. Tripping – Darren E. Laws

A discovery in the bargain bin of a bookshop, I thought the blurb sounded amazing. Hidden secret the girls shared, buried deep in their past; that kind of thing. It didn’t live up to expectations. It wasn’t a hidden gem after all. Barely anything actually even happened in it.

4. The Riddle of the Sands – Erskine Childers

Little did I know when I started on this ‘classic of crime literature’, that (a) it’s actually a spy novel and (b) the amount of spying is nothing compared to the amount of waffle about sand and sailing round some islands. Far too much about maps and not enough about spys. The spy part was actually really exciting (for about 20 pages at the end), but I couldn’t forgive page upon page of infinite detail about sand, maps and sailing.

5. Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte

First, a guilty pleasures confession: I love the song of the same name by Kate Bush! Maybe that is why the reality of the book just couldn’t live up to what the song advertised. This was a book I was very disappointed to find is about almost nothing. The small matter that it is all taking place after the fact wound me up no end. I found it boring, and as one of the first ‘classics’ I tried, it put me off reading classic literature.

Now I have Kate Bush stuck in my head, oh dear!

To find out what Flower Faerie lives life made of day two, look here. Check out Books on the tube’s favourite non-fiction (day 25) here.

Tomorrow I shall mostly be discussing my favourite characters!


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