30 day book challenge: Day 4.

Day four means I have to tell you characters I hate and the books they are from. This is a lot harder than yesterday and hate is a very strong word. Here, then, are some characters I really do dislike:

Maura Isles – Body Double and others by Tess Gerritsen

I really like Gerritsen as an author. In fact she’s one if my favourite crime writers and I’ve even read her books she wrote before she turned to the crime genre fully, but I’m not really here to talk about her. Maura Isles is a medical examiner. She’s now on TV in the series Rizzoli and Isles, which I quite like her in. In the books though, she is so dull. I struggle to find any redeeming qualities for her. It’s such as shame because Detective Jane Rizzoli is a fantastic character and I get very cross when the books focus on Isles instead.

Benton Wesley – Unnatural Exposure and numerous other books by Patrica Cornwell in her Scarpetta series

I can’t stand Benton Wesley. Every time he pops up nearly ruins a perfectly good Scarpetta novel. I like Kay Scarpetta, by why can’t she see what an arse he is! In case anyone disagrees, can I just say here that I’m reading the series in order and am only up to Black Notice so please don’t spoiler me!

Agatha Raisin – Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death and all the other Agatha Raisin and the… books by M.C. Beaton

I’ll be honest, I’ve read eleven books featuring this character. I don’t think I hated her at first. Then, as I read on, she got steadily worse and worse until I couldn’t put up with her any longer. Unfortunately, I own nine more of the books! The last one I read, Agatha Raisin and the Love from Hell, induced me to dislike desperate, needy, irritating Agatha so much that I don’t even know whether I will bother with the rest or cut my losses and sell them on.

I wouldn’t say I feel that strongly about any other characters. I don’t like Miss Marple, who features in many Agatha Christie books, but the interfering old dear isn’t that bad. Dishonourable mention to President Snow, villain of The Hunger Games. He’s truly horrible, but too well written and created by Suzanne Collins to make the most hated list.

Tomorrow… Which books would I want with me if I got stranded on a desert island? See you then.

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2 thoughts on “30 day book challenge: Day 4.

  1. I found this one hard too. There aren’t many characters that I can say I ‘hate’. Although I wish I’d thought about President Snow, he is pretty horrid! 🙂

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