30 day book challenge: Day 5!


Day five: If you were stranded on a desert island, which five books would you take and why?

Ooh, I enjoyed thinking about this one. I felt very pleased with myself when I set up the above picture and realised how heavy and massive my pile was. I haven’t gone for favourite books. I haven’t gone for much loved books of my childhood. No, I’ve planned for the long haul. If I’m stranded for a very long time, I won’t be short of reading material.

1. Complete Works – Shakespeare

I may not get round to reading it any other way. Give me a bit of peace and quiet on my island though and I’m sure I could really get to know all these lovely plays and sonnets. Also may come in handy for bashing things into the ground to make a shelter, and could be useful for hunting.

2. Blackburn Rovers: The Complete Record – Mike Jackman

If I’m stranded, I would really miss following my football team, the mighty Rovers! So I will make up for the lack of match updates and waiting on scores, by reading the complete history of the club. I’ve already read Jackman’s excellent Blackburn Rovers: An Illustrated History. I’m sure this would be just as good and I will have plenty of time to read it, every Saturday at 3pm.

3. The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries Omnibus 2 – Charlaine Harris

I don’t want to be short of entertainment. In contrast to the Shakespeare, this would be a lighter read for when I need easy on the brain reading. It’s four books in one, what better reason to take it! Oh, and I’ve already read Omnibus 1. Charlaine Harris is great.

4. 1940s – Agatha Christie

Again, it is four books in one, what’s not to like! I would need my Agatha fix as I adapt to island life and I haven’t read any of the four in this collection yet. I’m sure the ‘Queen of Crime’ won’t let me down!

5. Bleak House – Charles Dickens

This epic volume has been sitting on my shelf for years. Every year I make it a target to read it. Every year I think, “But it’s going to take me so long to get through, imagine all the books I could read instead”! No offense Mr Dickens, but I just find the page count so formidable. However, if I’m stranded, I will have nothing but time, and I’ll need a novel I can sink my teeth into. Also, in the desert I might not mind the long descriptions of British weather that I’ve heard feature heavily in this one. It might make me homesick though!

I haven’t read any of these yet, so I’m taking a huge gamble with my desert island time. I know I love Shakespeare though, and I’ve read other books by all the authors except Dickens. I’d love to hear your thoughts below…

If you need more 30 day book challenging in your life, try Books on the Tube or Flower Fairie Lives Life.

Also, come back later for a review of my Readarama book of the week, Fallen by Karin Slaughter.


4 thoughts on “30 day book challenge: Day 5!

  1. Blackburn Rovers? Ah well, I suppose we can’t all be from the home of the mighty Preston North End 😉

    I started Bleak House years ago, got halfway through and got bored of the endless descriptions of weather! However one of the quotes I hated got used at an event I went to recently and the reader made me see it very differently so i definitely need to try it again.

  2. Brrrg, Bleak House looks so intimidating doesn’t it? A while back I bought pretty much his whole works because I got them for an awesome deal that meant they were less than a £1 per book. I still haven’t read any of them yet, lol, but Bleak House and David Copperfield look very fearsome.

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