30 day book challenge: Day 6… And Book 7: Killing Floor by Lee Child

I’m going to kill two birds with one stone today, by answering day 6’s question and combining it with a review I haven’t yet caught up with for Penguin’s Readarama.

Here goes. Today’s theme is: the best book you have read in the past year. I was going to take it as being since last May, but I changed my mind for the simple reason that I don’t think anyone wants to read another post about how much I love Mockingjay! So, as I have said too much about that already, I will combine with my Readarama challenge. If you’ve read my ranking of my first ten reads (here), you will already know that the honour goes to Lee Child’s brilliant thriller Killing Floor.

This is the first book featuring Jack Reacher. If you’ve seen the film named after Child’s hero, he’s not really a tiny Tom Cruise action man. I really enjoyed the film, but Cruise is not the Reacher of the books. Told in first person, Killing Floor begins with the line “I was arrested in Eno’s diner”. From that moment, I was hooked. I’ve read two Reacher books prior to this one, but this is my favourite so far. It has everything. Love interest, prison, murder, money laundering, an explosive conclusion and villains galore. My husband and my mum, who lent me it, both said they got to the bottom of the mystery before Jack did, but I don’t agree. Maybe I’m just slow on the uptake.

Reacher himself is a great character. I tell you why here, so I won’t repeat myself. I was with him all the way, even if he is bent on revenge!

I really couldn’t put Killing Floor down. That’s why I give it the honour of best book I have read in 2013 (so far). I give it 8/10. Read it now!

I’m off to enjoy the sunshine now, as it is back to work tomorrow. Time to get some reading done! Don’t forget to check out these lovely blogs where they are doing the same challenge: Flower Faerie Lives Life and Books on the Tube.


2 thoughts on “30 day book challenge: Day 6… And Book 7: Killing Floor by Lee Child

  1. I thought the movie was okay, but I didn’t know there was a book about featuring Reacher. Now this is something I wouldn’t mind reading. Thanks for the share!

    • There are 17 of them: this one is first. One Shot is the one the film is based on. Thanks for the like. Hope you enjoy the book if you read it.

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