30 day book challenge: Day 11!

Name three absolutely awful film adaptations of books. This is hard. I moan if they are not right but awful is a pretty strong adjective.

I’m sorry to the ones I chose, but you either weren’t a close enough match to my imagination or you did something wrong.

1. The Lovely Bones directed by Peter Jackson (2009)
Amazing book by Alice Sebold.
I’m sorry because it’s not a terrible film, but the book was just a cut above this and they could have managed it so much better. The hole in the ground was the right amount of terrifying. The main character was not as I imagined, but she was okay. My huge gripe about this one is the weird vision of heaven. It went all trippy at several points, and I was left wondering why I had bothered to watch it!

2. Tell No One directed by Guillaume Canet (2006)
Brilliant thriller by Harlan Coben.
It just wasnt very good. It had subtitles, it was in French. I know those aren’t reasons to dislike it but they detracted from the plot and they’d messed up the plot enough anyway. I can’t believe Hollywood haven’t adapted a Harlen Coben novel yet- what are they waiting for?

3. Eclipse directed by David Slade (2010)
Novel by Stephenie Meyer.
I loved this book. The film had a lot to live up to. The characters were fine. Somehow though, a book with a rip-roaring, pacey plot got made into a film that seemed to drag. It was dull. How did they make it dull when on the page I was so hooked? I don’t know. Poor effort.

If you’ve seen and disliked any of the three above films, and not read their book equivalent, I urge you to go out and do so. I’m sure the directors know their stuff, but they did not do these brilliant books justice.

Check out, as always Flower Faerie Lives Life and Books on the Tube. Also, I will be following Me, Bookshelf and I, who has recently started the challenge. Have a great weekend everyone.


2 thoughts on “30 day book challenge: Day 11!

  1. I agree about The Lovely Bones, I put off watching it for ages but curiosity got the better of me and although I didn’t think it was terrible it came nowhere near the book.

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