30 Day Book Challenge: Day 19.

Day 18: A book you think is woefully underrated.

Again, I’m having the same problem as yesterday with not knowing which books have been ‘rated’ as such! Anyway, I’m going to nominate a book I love that doesn’t seem to have got much recognition, or even been stocked by many bookshops.

That book is The Death Artist by Jonathan Santlofer. As far as I know it was his debut crime fiction novel, and I loved it. It is well written, has great characters and a fantastic plot idea. It was even followed by an equally brilliant sequel Colour Blind, and yet I found it in a bargain bin at a bookshop, and have never heard anyone speak of it, ever! It’s a great book, and it should be being enjoyed by more people.

Me, Bookshelf and I is also taking part in the 30 Day Book Challenge. Why not check out her take on it if you haven’t already.


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