Book 17: Lady Killer by Ed McBain

Last week, not a lot of reading happened. I had started Lady Killer after the Bank Holiday because I finished my previous book so quickly. I raced through the first 100 pages, and then life got in the way! So I’m still ahead on the Readarama but only just!


Lady Killer by Ed McBain is a funny sort of book. It starts really strongly, with the police receiving a letter stating that “The Lady” will be killed at 8. So the cops of the 87th precinct try to stay ahead and prevent this crime before it happens. They race around for the first 150 pages, then it all slows down, and almost stumbles to a conclusion which is hastily done and over in a matter of pages. So, I’m a little bit disappointed with the ending based on the build up.

What I loved about Lady Killer was the characters, and I would certainly pick up more of the 87th precinct novels. My favourite part of the entire novel was McBain’s description of a bookshop on page 79. This was worth reading the book for on its own.
“The shop instantly touched something deep in his memory. He felt he had been here before, had seen the dusty racks and shelves, had sniffed of the musty bookbindings, the intimate smell of stored knowledge.”

I would recommend Lady Killer to lovers of police procedurals, and lovers of description. I give it 7/10.

Next up, I will be reading The Portable Door by Tom Holt, as voted by my fellow bloggers! I’ve started today, and I’m really enjoying it, despite the disconcerting fact that there is a bookmark in page 44, announcing to me that I’ve tried before.


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