Book 19: Feast of Fools by Rachel Caine

Last week was half term, hence the vast amounts of reading and the lack of posting on here I have been doing. I read Feast of Fools in a couple of days. If you’ve read any of Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampires series, you will know they are not a taxing read. In fact, just a few days after finishing this book, I’m a bit worried the details may have already left my brain. I mean no offence to Caine, or to fans of the series (and I’ve read three others before this one so I don’t hate it trust me) but I find these books mildly intriguiging while I read them and then they leave me fairly quickly.


First, things I like about Feast of Fools. The characters are interesting, and I like following their stories, even if they are not the most brilliantly written. I like Eve Rosser, she is feisty, and her murderer brother usually adds a bit of menace. I like Michael Glass, the flawed hero and friend of main character Claire. He has interesting depth and I’ve enjoyed the development of him from book one onwards. I enjoy reading about deranged and insane vampire Myrnin too. I haven’t mentioned Shane, because he feels like he’s there solely as the love interest and for young Claire to fantasise about. There was a reasonable plot, although unlike the other three I have read, this one wasn’t packed with action and was over pretty quickly.

What I don’t like about this book is the main character, Claire. She has managed to become less wet than she was in the opening book of the series, and slightly less prone to doing the first idiotic thing that comes into her head, but she’s still not exactly likeable. The plot was thin too. I got the feeling this one was just a stepping stone to the next in the series, and not a very eventful step at that.

I give Feast of Fools 6/10. It was my first read towards The Eclectic Reader challenge too, ticking off New Adult category. I recommend it to fans of the series, or fans of PC and Kristen Cast’s House of the Night series (although I don’t enjoy Morganville Vampires as much as Zoey’s adventures).

I’ve already read book 20 in my Readarama challenge, expect a review of The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova soon.


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