Book 21: Killer in the Rain by Raymond Chandler

This will be a mini review for a mini book. I borrowed it from the library and have failed to photograph it, but it only included this one short story.

First off, I’ve been a bit quiet in June. Being a teacher at this time of year took over for a few weeks! I’ve written, proof read and edited 30 reports, found out lots about my next class and been at countless meetings and one school trip. So the blog has been unloved I’m afraid! If its any consolation I haven’t had time to read either. Eek!

I read Killer in the Rain in one evening, directly after finishing the rather epic The Historian. I’m writing this a full twenty days later so I’m a little fuzzy on the full details. This is a predecessor to The Big Sleep and you can see Chandler was working himself up to the latter if you’ve read both. Same style of writing, very similar characters, a classic little crime plot. I enjoyed it, but it left little impression on me. I love Chandler’s phrasing, it is very quotable. I liked having a short sharp read that was like The Big Sleep with less of the long winded descriptions.

I recommend this to anyone wanting a quick fix of crime writing, or a brief insight into Chandler’s characters and style. If you like this and want more, read The Big Sleep. If you skip this and just read his most famous work, you won’t miss out on much!

I give Killer in the Rain 6/10.

I’m now working hard on finishing Trent’s Last Case by EC Bentley, another crime classic borrowed from the library. I’ve fallen behind with the Readarama! Roll on the summer holidays where I will catch up!


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