Book 30: Towards Zero by Agatha Christie

I should warn you all, I have been on a bit of an Agatha Christie kick lately. In fact I have read three in the last week and am reading another as we speak. So, after my recent variety, it’s back to my favourites. If you’re not interested in the Dame of Crime fiction, I suggest you don’t worry too much about my next few posts… Or keep reading and you may find she could be for you after all!

Disclaimer over, and let me tell you Towards Zero is not your typical Christie whodunit. It takes place over a period of time and builds for most of the book towards the actual murder. It’s about the planning that goes into a murder and the lengths that some people would go to to create red herrings and cast iron alibis, all as a powerful way of getting revenge on someone, by sealing their fate as the accused! This one is broken to pieces by Superintendent Battle and a mystery witness Mr Macwhirter.

It’s a very good book. Well thought out. Brilliant build up to the plot, great aftermath to the murder, good twists. Typical Agatha is a very untypical way. I loved this. Recommend it as a read for those not keen on Poirot or Marple as sleuths.

I give Towards Zero 7/10.

Next up, Sparkling Cyanide!


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