Book 31: Sparkling Cyanide by Agatha Christie


Another day, another Christie. Sparkling Cyanide was another very good one. This one, as you can tell from the title, involved a poison plot. Coming to review it a week and three more Agatha whodunnits later I admit I find it hard to remember the details as precisely as I would have liked.

Suffice it to say Rosemary has been killed, but a verdict of suicide has even brought. Everyone thinks she was a bit depressed after a bout of flu and took cyanide in her champagne. But, one year on, her husband has begun to investigate the possibility that she was murdered. Then he is murdered at a party at the same venue and his friend Colonel Race investigates. It has quite a nice twist if I remember correctly and was very puzzling. I enjoyed it. The characters were interesting, and it was almost impossible to see who was hiding a guilty secret. A great read.

I give Sparkling Cyanide 7/10. Next up Parker Pyne Investigates.


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