Book 33: Sleeping Murder by Agatha Christie

My name is Pippo, and I’m a terrible blogger. There, I’ve admitted it. I keep thinking I will have more time to blog soon… And then I fail.

So, the summer holidays have been and gone and I’ve started a new, harder role at my school. That’s right, I’m now a reception teacher! The first two weeks have been so full on and I feel as f I’ve been in a bubble of chaos that I couldn’t detach from. Well, today I slept in way too late to acheive anything I wanted to get sorted. So I’ve written today off and started blogging again. I apologise that I’ve been away so long, and I openly admit it may happen again. If you’re still reading, thank you for reading my ramblings and waiting for this book review so long.

I read Sleeping Murder ages ago now, it was part of a huge Agatha Christie kick I went on. The reason for this kick was that I booked a holiday in Torquay, Devon. Then I discovered the Agatha Christie Mile that I would be able to investigate once there. I ‘persuaded’ my amazing husband that we could not only see this while at the birthplace of the ‘Queen of Crime’, but that we could also spend a day at Agatha’s holiday home Greenway. My excitement atths plan led me to read Towards Zero (set in Devon), Sparkling Cyanide, Parker Pyne Investigates and then (immediately prior to the holiday) Sleeping Murder, in which Miss Marple explains all on the terrace of The Imperial Hotel, Torquay. To a sad individual such as myself this was very exciting! As a total coincidence this was the very hotel I had booked a stay at! More on Torquay and Agatha in the next review.

Excitement aside, Marple was on top form in this book, which Christie intended as her final adventure and wrote during the war, setting it aside in a safe box in case she was killed, as a legacy for her daughter. This is easily my favourite of the elderly sleuth’s cases. She helps a young couple solve a deep mystery that is years old. For the first time ever, I worked out whodunit before the protagonists did! Sadly she only spends one page at the hotel, but never mind. I give Sleeping Murder 7 and a half out of 10.


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