Agatha Christie madness

This is by way of a long winded apology to anyone who has stuck around long enough to read this blog. Firstly, I didn’t think I’d get so behind on posting my reading. Second, I didn’t think I’d get so behind on actually reading my target of 52 books this year, one for every week. Thirdly, I didn’t think the blog would turn into a chronicle of a reading love affair with Agatha Christie. So, I’m sorry three times!

I want to explain why Christie has taken over my reading life of late. It all started in 2006 I believe. I read my first Poirot from the library and quickly read many more in rapid succession. I’ve always liked Poirot best, and for a time exclusively looked for the books he featured in above other works by the Queen of Crime. For a couple of years now I’ve been down to my last handful of Poirot related books (although there are certainly many more Christie’s left- she wrote so many). It’s been my target for the past two years to finish all the Poirot novels and I’ve had the last few on standby. This year just three remained. They were Mrs McGinty’s Dead, Poirot’s Early Cases and Curtain: Poirot’s Final Case. I read the first earlier this year and then something strange happened. I started reading random Marple books and a lot of Agatha’s stand alone works (many of which are far more brilliant than I gave Dame Christie credit for).

I think this is a confession as well as an ode to Agatha. I don’t want to finish Poirot. Yes, there will still be the odd short story I haven’t read, plenty of stand alone whodunnits and a small pile of Miss Marple but I will miss the great mustached Belgian detective. However, I’ve set my sights on reading them this year and I’ve saved the last book for last (the rest have been read in a completely random order). The reason I’m writing this post is partly because of TV. I’ve watched various of David Suchet’s adaptations over the years and now they too are almost at an end. I’m so excited to watch Dead Man’s Folly tonight. It’s set at Agatha’s old holiday retreat Greenway, that I visited this summer and while we were there the staff spoke about the filming. So, if you’ve not tried the Poirot series yet, try it tonight for the majestic house Christie once loved, and the boathouse in which she set a key part of this story. I can’t wait to see how they’ve used the places where I stood this summer.

So here we are at the second reason why 2013 has involved a massive Agatha Christie kick. Once I knew we were going to Torquay in the summer, I found out that not only was there an Agatha Christie mile but also that there was a chance of visiting her nearby holiday home on the river Dart. Greenway is run by the National Trust now and it was brilliant to see where Christie and er family enjoyed ther holidays in Devon. Before we went I read several Christie books back to back, especially those set in the locations we would visit. I also read about Agatha’s houses in Agaths Christie at Home. When I got back I thought I would have a break and started on some Patricia Cornwell. Then I read A Murder is Announced. Now I want to get back to my Poirots so I can watch the final episode when it comes on, safe in the knowledge I’ve read the book first. I will be sad to see both the books and the series ending but the time seems to have come.

So, the gist of this long and rambling post is that you’ll have to bear with me. Teaching is getting in the way of both reading and blogging. And this blogger is unabashedly in love with the wors of Agatha Christie. More reviews to follow!

Still to come… Three more Agatha Christie books, one Patricia Cornwell and two graphic novels based on Poirot books!


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