Book 36: Problem at Pollensa Bay by Agatha Christie



Geek alert! I was so overexcited in the gift shop at Greenway house (holiday home of one Agatha Christie, run by the National trust)! Not only did I buy two books, this one and Death Comes as the End but when I reached the counter they asked me (to my geeky delight) “would you like the Greenway stamp in it?”. Hence the second picture above, featuring the Greenway stamp and my two new Agatha Christie bookmarks. The blue is from Greenway, the green from Torquay museum.

Enough geekery I hear you saying, what about the book? Problem at Pollensa Bay is a short story collection. I chose it at Greenway because The Regatta Mystery, one of its key stories is set in Dartmouth, where I’d been that day! Anyway, what I loved about it is that it is a brilliant blend of stories. If I remember correctly, two feature Poirot, two Mr Parker Pyne, two Harley Quin and Mr Satterthwaite. All were well worth a read. Highly recommended mysterious stuff from Christie. As with many of her short story collections you could dip in and out if you wished to do so.

I give Problem at Pollensa Bay another high 8/10.


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