Book 37 and Book 39 Dead Man’s Folly (Marek) and Hallowe’en Party (Chandre) Graphic Novels – Agatha Christie

What? Not one, but two graphic novels?! That’s right. This year I have read my first, then my second, graphic novel. Both based on the novels of none other than Dame Agatha Christie!

Dead Man’s Folly, drawn by Marek was the first. I got this as an anniversary (paper) present from my husband. It was a brilliant choice. The artist has used Greenway as inspiration and it looks just like it did in reality on our holiday, so I loved it. Ariadne Oliver even seemed to have been drawn to resemble Agatha herself. Poirot was exactly as I imagine him. It’s also a very good story to be turned into a comic strip. Having watched ITV’s adaptation last night, I think both do the original text justice, with nothing lost in translation. If you want a super easy way in to reading Agatha Christie, this could be the way to go.

I would give the graphic novel version of Dead Man’s Folly 8/10 (the pictures of Greenway are just beautiful).


Which brings me to the highly topical Hallowe’en Party, drawn by Chandre. I remember reading the book of this several years ago. It was one of the Poirot books I’d always been drawn to (death by murder at a Halloween Party just seemed such a good idea) and I remain fond of it so I assume it must not have disappointed.

I’m afraid the graphic novel had none of the appeal, and none of the beauty of the drawings of Dead Man’s Folly. Here was a different Poirot and a very different Ariadne Oliver, neither looking as I imagined, nor I would think, as Christie wrote them. Poirot has hair! Lots of hair, almost like curtains! Why? I think a lot of my disappointment was because I liked the other comic so much. I treated myself to this one, from the internet. The problem being, you can’t see the style of drawing beforehand and it really wasn’t to my taste. That isn’t to say this is a bad book, the storyline is great and it’s clear a lot of effort has gone into the comic drawings. I just didn’t like them. And if you don’t like the drawing style in a comic it really distracts from the plot. I found it hard to read because I just wasn’t enjoying the illustrations.

So, a lesson in contrast. I give the Hallowe’en Party graphic novel 5/10.



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