Book 38: Black Notice by Patricia Cornwell

And now, without further ado, Pippo will perform the amazing trick of reading a book that was not written by Agatha Christie! Ta dah! After a summer of the Queen of crime, I moved on to another female author many consider a crime queen… Step up and take a bow Patricia Cornwell!

I’ve been reading the Kay Scarpetta series by Patricia Cornwell for years now. Astonishingly I have only reached Black Notice in the series, which I’m reading in order. Now, I read Black Notice and immediately wondered two things: 1. Why didn’t I read this sooner? 2. What happens next? Cornwell really is that good. The moment I closed this book at the dramatic conclusion, I picked up the next in the series The Last Precinct, which due to work work and more work I’m still reading. If you’ve not read Patricia Cornwell at all, why not? I’d recommend starting at Postmortem and following the series through, they do go in sequence, and they do link in to each other sometimes.

Black Notice is the story of Kay Scarpetta struggling with a new hierarchy at work, trying to cope with her all consuming grief following a high profile death in the last book (I won’t spoil the series for you, just read it). It is also the story of her tracking a truly evil killer, a scary man who bites his victims hands and feet, beats them savagely and kills them horrifically. Yes, Cornwell is very graphic in her descriptions. She isn’t for the faint hearted, but then nor is most crime fiction.

Black Notice is such a page turner. A gripping read once you clear the first few chapters. I enjoyed the writing style and it made a refreshing change from my Agatha Christie obsession.

I give Black Notice 7 and a half/10.


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