Book 41: Poirot’s Early Cases by Agatha Christie

This will be a very short review as I have so many still to post. I’m not sure quite going to manage 52 books this year (one per week) as I had hoped but I’m so close! I have 3 books currently on the go and aim to finish one of those before 2013 draws to a close. As it stands I’ve read 48, and am slightly annoyed with myself for coming so close and yet not finishing the Readarama! However, it was Penguin books that encouraged me in this venture and they seem to have abandoned the challenge mid-year! Also, it is way better than my pitiful tally last year!

On with the review! This was my second to last Poirot book, and I read it in order to read Curtain: Poirot’s last case before it came on TV. Ever since starting on Poirot books in 2007, I had vowed to save the last book for last. The rest I read in a random order. Anyway, this wasn’t the best Poirot, nor was it the worst. I prefer the full length adventures to the short stories, but the stories in Poirot’s Early Cases were nonetheless very good reads.

I give this book of short stories 7/10.


One thought on “Book 41: Poirot’s Early Cases by Agatha Christie

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