Book 42: Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case by Agatha Christie

For those of you following this blog, you will know I am a massive fan of Christie. This year I’ve read far more of her books than I intended and evolved into a huge Agatha Christie geek (at least I’m not ashamed to admit it!). Poirot was my first Christie love. I read my first of the books featuring him back in 2007 and read about 7 more of his adventures that month alone. I’ve tried Marple, and we have a bit of a love/hate relationship. This year, with only three Poirot books left to read, I seemed at times to be wandering off and trying lots of Agatha’s stand alone novels. I’ve already said this elsewhere so let me move on.

I read Curtain in a day. I couldn’t help myself. I had to read and read and read it even though I knew that by the end I would have read every Poirot book and would have none left to read. I read it into the night. I read it when my husband asked me to put the lights out with a promise that I wouldn’t be long. I could not stop. I couldn’t look away at the vital moment. I couldn’t stop while tears welled up. Yes I’m a geek. In conclusion, I ended up finished and crying in my bed at 2am for a fictional man, whose cases I’ve read on and off for 7 years. He was part of my life over those years, and we’ve been through a lot together. I was reading a Poirot when I started teacher training, when I moved to a new town and was lonely with no job but supply teaching, and I continued to read his adventures as I grew up into a teacher, bought my first house and married my husband. A lot happens in 7 years but Poirot has always been at hand. I think in part the tears were a product of that sentiment. The feeling that I had finished a massive series of books and there will never be another. But also, without giving away the plot to those who haven’t read or seen it, it’s actually a very moving ending. Hastings really does pull on your heartstrings for a fictional narrator. I must applaud Agatha Christie. She may have disliked Poirot and become annoyed with her creation, but she still writes what can only be described as a love letter to him. Trust me, the TV series, good as they made the episode, didn’t come close to the emotion here. Maybe that’s just me though, the product of a long time reading and enjoying 39 books featuring the mustachioed detective.

I give Curtain 9/10 even though it left me sad.


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