Books 47 and 48: Crooked House by Agatha Christie and Endless Night by Agatha Christie

What a surprise! After a short break from her, I went back to Christie and read these back to back. These are my last two books to review from 2013. I’m sorry to announce I fell short of 52 books last year, but only by 4. A drastic improvement on last year and the blog definitely kept me reading at times!

I read these two books because I’m trying to read a really interesting book called Agatha Christie’s Secret Notebooks by John Curran, but sadly at the start of each chapter is a little list of solutions that get revealed in that chapter. This has meant needing to read some books so they don’t get spoilt for me. Next in line is A Pocket Full of Rye but I got a bit Christie-d out and had to have a rest after these two.

Crooked House is a fantastic book, and in an introduction to it Agatha herself says it was her favourite to write. It is a fast paced mystery with lots going for it. Interesting characters, a family puzzle, a man desperate to marry his love but held back by her refusal to do so because of a murder in the family. Of course, he feels must investigate. This book led me totally in the wrong direction, then back again. It twisted and turned a lot. An excellent, page turning read.

By contrast, Endless Night boasted one of Christie’s biggest twists, but boy was I bored. The first person narrator (normally a style I really like) went on and on, and I saw the twist coming from absolutely miles away. It had good plot points and some interesting characters but it was nothing like I had expected. Disappointed.

I give Crooked House 7.5/10 and Endless Night 6/10.


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