My new year book resolutions!

New year, new books to read, new challenges to meet! I have set myself the following targets for Reading this year:

1. Only buy books that cost £1 or under.

Hopefully this will stop me adding quite so many books toy unread list and will force me to mostly read what I already own. Plus maybe I might save some money!

2. Read 52 books.

I fell slightly short of this in 2013. I sat, bring it on again in 2014! Maybe I will read four extra to make up for my short fall!

3. Read Bleak House, The Woman in White, The Bonfire of the Vanities and Crime and Punishment.

Four massive classics. Massive in reputation, massive in size! And I want to read all four. I’ve been resolving to read Bleak House for years now, having never read a Dickens novel! I got The Woman in White for Christmas, and have wanted it ever since I read The Moonstone. The other two I asked for for my birthday and they are still on my too be read list six months later. This target may drastically decreased chances with target 2, but I love a challenge!

4. Keep this blog up to date at least once a fortnight.

I think this is realistic. I will probably update more frequently in the holidays but in term time once a fortnight is realistic.

In summary, I’m hoping to make a dent in my huge book list of unread books, without acquiring too many more. I think I can do it, and I hope a few of you stick with me to find out. Happy New Year everyone! May it bring you everything you hope it will!


2 thoughts on “My new year book resolutions!

  1. I read The Woman in White and loved it so I hope you enjoy it! Bleak House on the other hand I got halfway through and gave up on so good luck with that, I’m not sure it’s the best Dickens to start with! The first three pages are all about fog but it does get better after that….

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