Book 1: Naked Heat by Richard Castle


Naked Heat is the second book inspired by/written for the series Castle, in which author Richard Castle, played by Nathan Fillion, writes books about his experiences shadowing NYPD detective Kate Beckett. The series has cleverly decided to really release the novels Castle writes at the points in the series where he writes them.

So it’s a work of fiction by a fictional author. Weird. But I’m a big fan of Castle, and having watched nearly all of the series I read the first book Heat Wave on honeymoon. It was what I expected, a fun fast paced and light work, following Nikki Heat and Jamieson Rook. What I liked so much was how well it paralleled Castle’s experiences in series one, without actually sticking to them exactly. It was believable that he would write such a book. I almost felt like I was reading an episode of Castle with the characters having changed names.

On to book two,Naked Heat, which I started last year and finished in early January. It was good enough. It was still a bit like reading and episode of Castle, but this time I found the storyline less interesting and it took me a while to get through. Maybe it was because I have been less avidly watching the series but it lacked a little something. I still intend to read the third installment Heat Rises, but I won’t be rushing to.

I give Naked Heat 6.5 out of 10.

Coming up next Poirot and Me by David Suchet.


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