Book 4: Dead Cert by Dick Francis

This is Dick Francis’ first of many novels, and the first I’ve read. In the summer, my mum bought me this 40th anniversary edition in a charity shop.

Now, if you plan to start to read this book, clear your diary. It is that good. Dick Francis sets his books in the world of horse racing that he was so familiar with from his days as a jockey. If you’re not that interested on jockeys, horses and racing, do not let that stop you reading this gem of a book. I’m not keen on any of those three either (though I have nothing against them), but the way Dick Francis writes just makes you have to keep reading.

It’s a murder mystery, with a dead jockey, who most people think just died in a fall. His friend Alan York knows differently because he saw a wire bring down the dead cert horse, killing the rider. More deaths eventually ensue and Alan both falls in love and puts himself in terrible danger investigating. I could not put this down.

In summary, Dead Cert is gripping and very readable. You believe in the characters and desperately want them to stay alive. I would give this book 8/10 for sheer readability.

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