Book 5: The Never List by Koethi Zan


Ok, I admit it, this book isn’t from my endless list of books I own but haven’t read. I bought it at the weekend, but I did use a voucher so technically it was free?!

The Never List is a book I’d never heard of, and I chose it on a whim. It didn’t disappoint, although I did feel the ending lacked a little something. Also, if there was meant to be a twist in the tale, I saw it coming almost from the first few pages. Despite this, it was a gripping debut novel. As a thriller it didn’t let you down and it was fast paced enough to keep you reading. So much so that I read it in one go, right into the night.

Did this book scare me? No, but it certainly made me uncomfortable and jumpy whilst I read it. Did it need to be compared to Gone Girl on the cover? No, but at least that might make more people read it. Do not read it if you’re looking for similar to that book though. It isn’t similar and it is far better in my opinion. It is certainly better written and constructed and has a more interesting storyline. More importantly, you can actually like the main character.

I give The Never List 7/10 and I’m deliberately giving nothing away about the plot so that thriller readers will go out and read!


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