Book 7: Pop. 1280 by Jim Thompson

A cheap acquisition in a library book sale, I bought this even though the book by Thompson that I long to read is actually The Killer Inside Me.

That aside, I enjoyed Pop. 1280. The title refers to the county over which Sheriff Nick Corey presides. It is a very small county in the American South. Written in the 60s, its author is famed for the book I mentioned earlier, and wrote a great deal of ‘pulp fiction’. Anyway, the aforementioned sheriff is a seemingly decent man. He’s the narrator, so that’s what he would have us believe! In places his narration really makes me smile, but boy is he a corrupt, messed up character deep down. In short, He starts doing some very bad things.

This is a very strange book. I felt it was getting really juicy and grim, and then it tailed off. I was left a bit disappointed by the ending. However, I will continue to search for more of Jim Thompson’s books. I liked his gritty, tongue in cheek, brutal at times, style of writing.

I give Pop. 1280 7/10.



2 thoughts on “Book 7: Pop. 1280 by Jim Thompson

    • As far as I can tell, Stephen King just really likes this author and has proclaimed him one of his favourite crime writers. Most of the front cover is taken up by his enthusiastic praise for the author, but other than that, no connection I could see. He’s a crime writer who wrote loads of ‘pulp fiction’ and was largely unappreciated in his own lifetime.

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