The year of not reading enough!

So, it appears that being a reception teacher (I teach 4 year olds) does not mix well with being a good blogger. Having resolved at the start of last year to blog every fortnight it seems I stopped somewhere along the line. Reading didn’t fare much better either in 2014. What started out promising, and continued strongly, took a massive and catastrophic nosedive after the summer holidays.

I set out to read one book every week this year (52), a feat I narrowly missed out on last year with 48 books read. I have so far read 36. Oh the shame. There’s a chance I will read more this year as I have the next few days relatively free for reading, but 16 books in 4 days seems more than a little ambitious.

2014 did bring a new Poirot book which I thoroughly enjoyed, book benches in London which I loved, and tweets from Sophie Hannah (my favourite author of the year).

I think 2015 might be the year I finish all of Agatha Christie’s books (I have around 17 yet to read), the year I read from home again to prevent the spiralling out of control of an already chaotic ‘to read’ list, it could even be the year I attempt Bleak House at long last. I’m looking forward to a new year of reading and I resolve to do better at both reading and blogging.

Merry Christmas everyone, and I hope all your New Years get off to good starts!





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